Soundgarden - Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path

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Taking in everything from original B-sides to unreleased tracks, instrumentals, covers and demos, the collection was curated and hand-selected by guitarist Kim Thayil, who says:

“As album sets go, this one has been fun to collect and compile over the decades. I personally may have referenced this project a number of times over the years, going back almost twenty of them to the mid-nineties!”

For the first time, Echo Of Miles collects and curates all these “scattered tracks across the path”, offering a different slant on the 26- year history and evolution of one of alternative rock’s finest bands.

The package has once again been beautifully designed by Josh Graham. The set features three separate thematic discs in a clear plastic slipcase with three separate mini-jackets, each sporting its own unique art, a booklet and inserts, allowing you to mix and match your own album graphic layout.


На самом деле просто переиздание старых песенок, НО особого внимания заслуживают две абсолютно неизданные Kristi и Storm, что на первом диске.

Kristi просто шикарна. Тот самый ламповый сад звука, тягучий сложный рифф, грустная лирика, холод и слезы. Есть жеж!
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