Make Me Famous - It's Now or Never (2012) UA

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Make Me Famous
Record Label: Sumerian Records
Bio: Make Me Famous is a five-piece band starting the way on hardcore/screamo/electronica scene. The name's chosen to draw attention to common vices of young society.

"It's Now or Never" (2012)
1.Blind Date 101
2.Make It Precious
3.It's Now or Never
5.This Song Is Blacker Than Black Metal
6.We Know It's Real
7.In the Shadows of You
8.Once You Killed a Cow, You Gotta Make a Burger
9.Stage On Fire
10.She Hunted Me
12.I Am a Traitor
14.Quit Sleeping! It's Nothing But a Waste of Time
15.Make It Precious (Acoustic Live) [Bonus Track]

"Admit that I just did it b*tch."(с)MMF

вот вам група з України, як приклад того, що коли стараєшся і робиш якісну музику можна багато чого добитись, в даному випадку альбому і гастролів по штатах)
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