Tomydeepestego-Chronophage-2009(post rock/instr.)

| 6 | Розділ: Музичні релізи | 8 грудня 2009 9:51


Отак-о маємо найновіше творіння чьоткого пацана з Італії =) Тяженький такий поц рок вийшов, дуже навіть нічогенько, нарив на інгліш замітки релізні, з якими взагальному погоджуюся:

You just need to blend together the poetry of Pelican, the sound wall of
Neurosis, the double face of Isis, the atmospheres of Neurosis and the
delicacy of Mogwai. All of this is moulded through that genuineness and
simplicity that only who has lived and expressed himself through the music
for years is able to do. And here it is, in front of your eyes and your ears,

The intentional lack of a singing voice makes everything even more exciting.
The notes themselves, the riffs and the rithmic section act as protagonists
in TMDE music. Without a singer, the music plays the leading role, getting in
its every single part a meaning which is broader and more complex than it
happens in others bands that have a more canonical formation. Every song by
TMDE has a story behind: the aim of the songs is to make the listener relive
them, to let him being transported by the stream of emotions that flow from
the creature on stage. Something that is to listen and to watch, but with
your eyes closed, with your heart.

Слухайте на здоров'я, а я чекаю для детального ознайомлення на купівлю плеєра бо мені в кімнаті зробили мораторій на таку музику =)

Група: Tomydeepestego
Альбом: Chronophage
Мій простір =):
Якість: 219 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

01. Dr. Disagius ( 5:22)
02. Cicades ( 5:31)
03. Controversy (Act I, Inferno) ( 7:12)
04. J.H.I. ( 5:49)
05. El Hombre Loco (Desde Generaciones) ( 3:26)
06. Crepuscolo (Act II, Purgatorio) ( 8:47)
07. Milla ( 5:47)
08. Libero Arbitrio (Act III, Paradiso) ( 5:57)

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