Amogh Symphony - Abolishing the Obsolete System (2009)

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Тема для даної статті була навіяна цією темкою
Сьогодні ми будемо мати справу з одною дуже цікавою командою з (!!!) Індії (а саме Mumbai, Maharashtra), яка грає в стилі Experimental/Technical death metal.

Коротко про групу:

"Amogh Symphony-This project was founded by Vishal J.Singh in the year 2004. The EP-Ashwamedh was released on 2005 in UK under Kollosal(Defunct later!) and distributed to limited copies for reviews. Vishal is basically a session guitarist / music composer in India who makes music for TV commercials,films,games. Amogh Symphony is back with a total new sound in tech death/experimental metal which the critics named “Hybrid Metal” due to its extreme wide range of versatility parallel to the technical structures of the music. Their last release is “Abolishing the obsolete system” which got released in April 2009. One of the sickest album by a “One-man” project in progressive metal history till date.
Vishal started his career as drummer,playing for a couple of death metal bands. He is a trained pianist and guitarist from the age of 11 under his musician parents. He is also known for his amazing skills on bass."

Ну і яка б це була Індія, якщо в музиці не звучали б індійські мотиви, які можливо багатьом з нас знайомі завдяки таким культовим індійським блокбастерм як "зіта та гітта", "танцор діско" і тд
одним словом рекомендую!!! - космос


Vishaljit Singh - Guitars,Bass, Synth, Programming, Sampling, Mixing and Mastering Vocals, Flute (Project X).
Roberto Narain - Drums & Percussion

Guest vocals in the track "Swallowing the infected sun"
by Ramki(Vocalist of Chicago based Progressive
Death Metal band NOESIS) . Guest vocals in the tracks
"Cyborg activation" and "Greenhouse effect" by Prashant Vadhyar.

Amogh Symphony - Abolishing the Obsolete System (2009)


1. Cyborg Activation 06:09
2. Greenhouse Effect 04:54
3. Abolishing the Obsolete System 06:54
4. Phase Cancelled 04:30
5. Post-War Symphony 02:12
6. Swallowing the Infected Sun 05:40
7. Opus After Genocide 03:31

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